Solo From the Start

Beginning your legal career as a solo attorney

… Not the glamorous assignment but do your work diligently and with excellence.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love volleyball.

The Kiddo loves to play volleyball too

The Kiddo and I have missed only three home games and have watched most of the road games.

I was looking for something to watch recently and spotted tournament volleyball for women’s club teams and thought I’d take a look. The players were focused and intense, but not at the same level of skill as my favorite team. What caught my attention was how the sportscasters behaved. They of course know they aren’t reaching a large audience, but they called that game as if they were calling for the biggest teams in college volleyball.
I thought about these sportscasters and then I thought about my own work. I love those clients with intricate issues requiring deep thought and enough hours of work that ensure I meet my month’s budget, but what about those clients whose needs are not as intense?

My simpler estate planning clients are my bread and butter; they provide the basis for me to remain a solvent business and they are my greatest advocates with their friends and family who may need similar work.

I love my jigsaw puzzle cases, as I call them, with many pieces that have to be fit together for a proper plan of action, but I equally love my clients who don’t want or need complex work. Each client deserves diligent and excellent service even when the work is not glamorous.