Solo From the Start

Beginning your legal career as a solo attorney

Last year was my best year for revenue and personal time. I found by using flat fees and value pricing, I was able to balance better my workload and my revenue goals. In fact, I hit my goal for number of active clients and suddenly found myself with a lot of free time to write and study, which was unsettling actually. Not having the constant demand of client work left me feeling a little out of sorts. Turns out, the pressure of deadlines can be motivating.

Not having such intense pressure has given me time to reflect on how I would like to operate. I realized I do like working a full day with a short rest period. I enjoy writing and have been building in blocks of time for it. I continue to try to block schedule client work and am getting better at doing the work during those blocks rather than letting email bleed over to take over the day.

I have now been working as a solo attorney for 12 years and yet I find I haven’t yet perfected the systems that have led me to success.