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Lawyers Who Ignore Social Media Equal to Cavemen Who Refuse to Hunt, Techshow Duo Says – News – ABA Journal

This article brings up an interesting dilemma for me, as I begin my solo practice. How much time should I invest in developing web tools and what kind of client will they target?
To date, I’ve set up a few different presences online. I put together a website; I use twitter; I have a business page on facebook; and a company listing on linkedIn. This blog is my newest endeavor into the world of social media. My main issue has been initial set-up as each different account and profile has taken a few hours to personalize and link to other sites. However, they have taken little time to maintain.
I do think that the techshow duo quoted in this article have valid points, despite the comments disagreeing with their conclusions. A solid online presence is going to be ever increasingly important to marketing and client development.
For me, my next and primary step is to launch my website after approval. In addition to the standard biography and contact information, I plan to incorporate online appointment scheduling with the ability to prepay the consultation fee, online credit/debit card processing, and this blog. My goal is to improve availability to my clients. Instead of having to call me for an appointment, they can choose from my available times with a click of a mouse. Instead of wasting minutes writing a check, they can easily enter their card number to a secure payment processing site. I expect these two services alone will be of great use to my clients.
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