Solo From the Start

Beginning your legal career as a solo attorney

Not at all shockingly, I have been watching lots of volleyball. The NCAA tournament has begun and teams from fairly unknown schools are being matched up with nationally ranked teams like Univeristy of Texas and Florida. These schools like Fairfield and New Hampshire are solid volleyball programs and have made it to the NCAA tournament, but no one is surprised that they’re losing to higher-ranked teams.

Here’s why I write about them: they aren’t standing on the court terrified to face these powerhouse teams. They are playing with heart and spirit, celebrating their points and brushing off their misses and errors. They aren’t shying away, giving up; they’re relentlessly trying their best and they are making great plays.

Now, how does that apply to us in the law? Even when you are facing heavyweight big firms or experienced attorneys, don’t ever back away or shrink from the challenge. You can compete. You have the same education, you passed the same exam, and you make up for your lack of experience with detailed and thorough research.

Never forget that not knowing “how it’s done” can lead to creative solutions and vigorous advocacy. Dive in!